PNHRS Committees

PNHRS projects and initiatives are conceptualized along with the concerned areas of each committee; Research Agenda, Ethics, Capacity Building, Research utilization, Resource mobilization, and Structure, organization, monitoring and evaluation.

Research Agenda Committee

The Research Agenda Committee provides technical and policy advice in formulating the research agenda for the present and future requirements of the country’s health system which are aligned with societal goals in science and technology, education, the economy, environment, agriculture and other priority areas of the country.  The national and regional agenda will be used as a strategic tool to direct research programs, funding priorities and related activities


Philippine Research Ethics Board (PHREB)


The Philippine Health Research Ethics Board (PHREB) is the national policy making body in health research ethics in the country, created under DOST Special Order No. 091 s. 2006, which ensures adherence to the universal ethical principles for the protection and promotion of the dignity of health research participants.


Capacity Building Committee


To generate quality research outputs, PNHRS provide strategic directions in the development, support, sustenance and assessment of the capacity building programs of the PNHRS for researchers, research managers, users of research, research institutions, and networks.

Research Utilization Committee


To connect research to health needs and outcomes, policy and action, the Research Utilization provides technical and policy advice to develop and sustain knowledge management systems, communication and advocacy strategies.


Resource Mobilization Committee


Committed to ensure efficient and effective use of resources for health research and development, the Resource Mobilization Committee provide technical and policy advice to secure sustainable financing, and to ensure equitable, effective and efficient use of resources for health research and development programs.


Structure, Organization, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee


Working towards strengthening of regional health research systems, the Structure, Organization, Monitoring, and Evaluation Committee provides policy advice and technical support in the monitoring and evaluation of the health of the PNHRS. It designs and implements a System monitoring and evaluation framework which connects to the monitoring and evaluation components of the different TWCs. It is also tasked to prepare the System Annual Report for presentation during the PNHRS Week celebration.