BCHRD strategies for Best Consortium Website

Legazpi City --- April 21, 2018. Bicol Consortium for Health Research and Development (BCHRD) RICUC Committee meeting held its 2nd Quarter Meeting on April 20, 2018.

The meeting was participated by the RICUC Chair - Maria Teresa De Alban, Vice Chair - Pilita Lunena and introducing the new member of the committee, Ms. Lorraine Estadilla.

The meeting started on revisiting the strat plan and operations plan and its status and its achievement as of date for the RICUC team. After revisiting and planning the activities of the strat plan, the chair presented the new contest guidelines of the PCHRD which was launched during the PCHRD Anniversary. The primary purpose of the contest is to have an impact on health research by providing credible and invaluable website contents to general public and the scientific community.

The committee also discussed the changes in the website and things needed to be done. Some of the strategies of the consortium is to require every member institution to submit health research undertakings and translate completed research into informative info for dissemination or visual abstract. It was also noted during the meeting the formulation of Bicol Health Research Communicators which will help on producing news articles, video presentation, and other audio visual presentation.

The meeting ended with determination and hoping that the BCHRD will win the contest.