From Norway to Philippines, researcher shares experiences with Grounded Theory

The Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Consortium, through the initiative of the Capacity Building Committee, held a Grounded Theory seminar at the College of Science AVR, University of the Philippines Baguio City on June 12, 2018. The activity aimed to orient and train the participants on the tenets of Grounded Theory as a research method or approach and a way of thinking about and conceptualizing data and to introduce them to a new perspective of looking at research. 

Participants, 68 in all, we’re not only graduate students but also faculty researchers from various local institutions.

The seminar was the consortium’s way of bringing Grounded Theory closer to a wider circle of researchers. Dr. Tove Giske, President of the Nurses Christian Fellowship International, Bergen, Norway, substantially tackled what Grounded Theory is, its historical and philosophical roots, the methods of preparations for a GT study, quality in data collections, analysis process, literature review, and how to write up findings for GT studies.